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SHAKTI Innovations was founded in 1994. Our goal is to design products that improve the performance of electromagnetic components in the Automotive and Audio worlds through a unique patented process that absorbs and dissipates what is commonly referred to as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). As good as today’s components are they all self generate EMI, which degrades signal transfer functions. Our first area of attention was the audio world where our initial product, the Electromagnetic Stabilizer, was sold through dealers to audiophiles the world over. Following our design goals of providing after market products that require no retrofitting or difficult modifications, the Stabilizer proved to be an easy to use addition to high definition audio systems. The user only needed to place the unit in close proximity to his component’s power supplies and other critical circuit locations to realize audible sonic benefits. In 1997 we introduced SHAKTI On-Lines which incorporated one of the three circuits from the Stabilizer in a more compact unit adaptable to a variety of audio installations which include attachment to cables and directly on internal circuit parts. The gold stamp of approval came in the late 90’s when our patent (#5,814,761) was issued followed by major recording and mastering studios such as Pink Floyd’s Astoria Studio permanently installing SHAKTI units in their facilities.

Onliniwhtmd.jpg (13361 bytes)In 2000 research began to determine the utility of SHAKTI devices in the automotive performance world. Dyno and beta testing verified that horsepower gains and faster 0 to 60 times could be obtained with use of the SHAKTI Electromagnetic Stabilizer or On-Lines placed on automotive Engine Control Units (ECUs) and ignition coils. The same principles as in audio come into play here. Wherever EMI can be reduced, signal transfer is improved and the concurrent performance benefits are realized by the end user. Our long-term goal is to continue to provide low cost, easy to use and scientifically verifiable performance enhancement products for the discriminating hobbyist.

Maximize all your components with SHAKTI Technology.


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