Automotive Applications

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SHAKTI On-Lines breakthrough technology optimizes your car’s ECU for increased horsepower and faster 0 to 60 times!

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New SHAKTI On-Lines The $99 Performance Miracle Testimonials


Your car’s ECU is robbing you of horsepower

The ECU is a computer processor that analyses and controls the various complex calculations that effect the performance of your car’s engine. As good as modern ECUs are, they do generate some Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) which compromises optimal signal transfer functions, resulting in lost horsepower.

Understanding SHAKTI Technology. A Comparison to Home Computers

Your engine ECU functions in a similar way to how a home computer downloads data from the Internet. You may have a 1.2 billion cycles per second CPU in your home computer, but your CPU is severely compromised by online bandwidth limits. Noise and error correction protocols can drop speed to as little as 300 cycles per second. When you connect through a dial up modem at 50,000 bps the speed of operation is far better than when you get on at lower numbers.

Listening to the computer dial up signals gives you an idea of how noisy and rough sounding they can be. There is far more harmful electrical noise in the engine compartment from the multitude of high level sources there. Your engine’s ECU is constantly downloading data from a variety of Sensors. Under acceleration, the real time data stream from the Sensors changes rapidly. SHAKTI units allow your ECU to process this data more quickly because the data has less noise and less time will be wasted on error correction protocols. Even in cars where the ECU is not in the engine compartment, SHAKTI reduces noise generated internally from the digital chips in the ECU module. The more accurate the data recovery is, the more precise the computer computations that adjust all the crucial parameters for fuel and ignition timing will be.

Whether your car has been upgraded to high performance chips or completely stock, use of SHAKTI devices on ECUs and Coils produces significant improvements in engine efficiency. Your car will achieve its maximum potential power transfer at all rpms. Read the Testimonials!

On-Lines to the rescue

Whether your car is high performance and chipped or just an ordinary family sedan, SHAKTI On-Lines use a revolutionary patented absorption technology that traps and neutralizes these performance robbing fields.

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Increased horsepower and smoother performance

With our easy mount kit there’s nothing to disconnect. Simply attach On-Lines to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). Its more precise functioning provides an increased level of smoothness and power that will leave you smiling. Extensive Dynamometer and Beta testing on a wide range of vehicles has shown that meaningful performance increases occurred when a pair of SHAKTI On-Lines were placed in close proximity to the ECU. See “Dyno-tests” for proof!

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Patented circuit design increases signal purity

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is a term used to describe the negative interaction of radiated fields all electromagnetic components generate. Digital chips in particular and the inherent close proximity of circuit stages contributes to these interferences. In cars, EMI degrades the signal transfer accuracy of information coming into the Engine Control Unit (ECU) from the various sensors used with modern automotive engines.

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The word SHAKTI means “energy.” Through an energy conversion, inductive coupling process, the “antenna-like” circuits within SHAKTI attract and then resistively convert EMI to non-interfering heat. Now, with cleaner signal transfer the ECU can more precisely adjust the various parameters for ignition timing and fuel injection, which eliminates flat spots in acceleration and increases horsepower. The heat sink action via the On-Line itself can in some instances even lower chip temperature. No electrical connection is required because all interaction takes place through radiated field mutual coupling. Placement of one pair of On-Lines on the ECU housing or inside directly on the chips is all that’s necessary to realize performance improvements.

Maximize performance and improve 0 to 60 times with SHAKTI on ECUs and Ignition Coils

Dynamometer testing shows increases of as much as three horsepower at the rear wheels when SHAKTI On-Lines are placed on the ECUs of modern performance vehicles. Beta testing confirms through user testimonials that these horsepower gains are readily perceptible along with an overall sense of smoother acceleration through all rpm ranges. Cold engine performance is improved as well. On-Lines can also be attached to the sides of ignition coils for additional benefits. A coil’s expanding and collapsing magnetic field generates a back electro-motive force (EMF) that can compromise optimal function. By absorbing these stray fields, SHAKTI speeds up rise time of the expanding field and improves spark timing. Testing was conducted on a state of the art $100,000 Mustang Dynamometer that is the standard used by all state testing agencies. On-Lines were placed directly on the ignition coils of a 2000 Chevy Tahoe V8 and showed an improvement of almost four tenths of a second in 0 to 60 mph tests. Improvements of this degree up to now required engine modifications in the two to three thousand dollar range. Total cost in SHAKTI On-Lines was only $400 for the eight units required. Easy attachment with self-adhering Velcro tabs allows for quick removal to compare results. Read the Testimonials!

Motorcycles, Power Boats and Snowmobiles

The same ability to maximize automotive performance holds true for all types of engines.  SHAKTI On-Lines are truly versatile “power inductors” for the 21st century.

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Technology that works

You can purchase patented SHAKTI technology with confidence. Testing was done on Dyno Jet Research and the $100,000 Mustang dynamometers that are standards of NASCAR.  In addition, independent lab studies were conducted in a lead chamber at Compatible Labs in Agoura, California to verify radiated EMI absorption by SHAKTI devices.  The same SHAKTI technology that improves automotive performance is also permanently installed at renowned mastering facilities such as Abbey Road Studio and Pink Floyd’s Astoria Studio. Audio systems using SHAKTI devices sound better for the same reason they work wonders for engines, reducing EMI enhances signal purity.  Read the Testimonials!


In addition to a 30-day money back guarantee, all SHAKTI products are covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. They should last a lifetime under normal conditions and can be easily transferred to future vehicles you may own.

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