Photo Gallery 1

Dave and Carol Clark of audiomusings.

picds41.jpg (56776 bytes)
Shakti Stones on the tops of the Reimer Teton loudspeakers.

pic6ds.jpg (47396 bytes)
Stone on top of Assemblege D2D-1 upsampler and EAD T-1000 transport.

pic40ds.jpg (72645 bytes)

A Stone is used above and below the EVS Millenium II DAC
and on top of the Taddeo Digital Antidote Two.
Note two On-Lines on the AC plugs at the wall sockets.
A Stone is also used on the top of the Blue Circle BC3000 preamp.

pic5ds.jpg (47851 bytes)
An On-Line on the IEC connectors of the DAC’s dual Sahuaro AC cords.

pic42ds.jpg (90641 bytes)
On-Lines on the IEC connector, the RCA of the interconnects,
and across the binding posts of the Clayton M100 amplifiers.
One Stone is also placed under each of the amps.


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