Photo Gallery 5

Something REALLY different from Michael Danis.

This user is demanding psychological counseling compensation because he says he can’t stop adding more units.

At last count 73 Stones and 98 On-Lines.

Every component in this system is radically modified with huge custom outboard power supplies, battery power to the front end, every cable soldered directly to components and, at one time, had a wall dividing the room in half so there was no cross talk between channels. The listening seat was where the wall ended. Components include Audio Research tube amps, custom loudspeakers, transport and DAC are totally custom products from Ric Schultz, and four Vibraplanes. Multiple SHAKTI Stones are above and below every component including the batteries and next to the speaker’s tweeters as well as On-Lines on all cables and internal circuit parts.

pic12ds.jpg (58356 bytes)
The system

pic8ds.jpg (77034 bytes)
Stones on transformers and batteries

pic9ds.jpg (66344 bytes)
Another shot of the Stones on transformers and batteries, right channel

pic10ds.jpg (103896 bytes)
Stones on transformers and batteries for left channel

pic11ds.jpg (107175 bytes)

On-Lines around a tweeter


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